The Magic Behind Hydrocolloid Patches

They have many names: hydrocolloid patches, hydrocolloid pimple patches, band aid hydrocolloid patches, and those are just to name a few. If you are on social media, either on Instagram or Tiktok, you cannot deny the many videos that we somehow end up watching. These patches are one of the many skin products you must have or will be watching as soon as you search for them. Don’t believe me? Keep searching on Google for the terms: “cystic acne hydrocolloid patches” or “what do hydrocolloid patches do?” then check how much time it takes for ads or videos on your feed “by coincidence” to suddenly appear.

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What are Hydrocolloid Patches? Do hydrocolloid patches work? Are Hydrocolloid Patches for scars? These and many questions end up on our Google suggestions whenever we search for Hydrocolloid patches not because we want to but because you or someone out there has searched for it. These patches were actually made to be bandages and used in practice for both acute and severe wounds. Hydrocolloid Patches absorb moisture which obviously caught the eye of the beauty industry. Nowadays, we see them everywhere and are mostly used to treat acne. Since pimples are made of sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and sometimes pus, hydrocolloids have a perfect job by assisting the skin and reducing the inflammation caused by those pimples.

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Do Hydrocolloid Patches Work?

In short, yes BUT that depends on how serious the issue at hand is. It also depends on the ingredients that make up those patches. For a hydrocolloid patch for pimples or scars to actually work, it needs to have specific ingredients aiding the skin for that skin condition. Without those essential ingredients hydrocolloid patches just do their basic things which according to this article encourages the formation of connective tissue and collagen, maintains a PH that reduces bacteria growth and provides a barrier.


What Are The Best Hydrocolloid Patches?

It’s a tricky question since there are so many in the industry. The best patches are the ones that do what they are supposed to do, help your skin. Hydrocolloid patches already aid in the production of collagen and protect the skin from more bacteria to cause damage. If we want a better outcome then we must find hydrocolloid patches that contain ingredients aiding in repairing the skin, killing bacteria, skin hydration, and scarring due to acne.

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Now that you know this, you must think the best product out is there but information can be too overwhelming for you to find the right hydrocolloid patches for your skin. There is one that I confidently use morning and night as part of my skin routine since they are part of a bundle. The MORNING & NIGHT BUNDLE consists of 24 AM and 24 PM Hydrocolloid Patches. This means twice the healing effect for our skin. They are certified vegan, ultra thin and breathable, easy to peel and blends naturally with any skin tone. The best part? Not only do they come with their basic functions in helping the skin but they also have our top 2 most recommended ingredients for skin care: Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil and our unique blend of Rosehip Oil.

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