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Got pimples? We got you covered for every occasion with the complete acne patch bundle that includes all Avarelle Acne Cover Patch available. This includes Avarelle Acne Cover Patch Original, XL, AM & PM.

Acne Cover Patch Original 40 

Sizes: 40 Round Patches: 12 (10mm) patches, 16 (12mm) patches, 12 (14mm) patches.

Acne Cover Patch XL 

Sizes: 8 (50mm) XL Square Patches

Acne Spot Patch AM

Sizes: 24 Round Patches: 12 (5mm) patches, 12 (8mm) patches.

Acne Spot Patch PM

Sizes: 24 Round Patches: 12 (13mm) patches, 12 (15mm) patches

Complete Guide to Avarelle Acne Patches: https://www.avarelle.com/blogs/guide/avarelle-acne-patches-explained

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