At Avarelle Cosmetics, we firmly believe in equal opportunities.
As a small start up, we know that there are many challenges ahead of us, but we won’t let that stop us from prioritizing equity in the workplace.



Meet Eunsong, the creative artist behind all the handwritten Thank You letters you may have received in the mail after purchasing one of our products. Eunsong works part-time with us to utilize her artistic abilities and create custom designs for cards, letters, journals, calendars and more. At a young age, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her passion in art!

With any type of disability, it is often difficult to find employment and employers who are willing to take on the challenge of hiring those with special needs. Having Eunsong on our team has made each and every day more fulfilling as we grow together in collaboration. With growing patience, care, and willingness to learn
and accept each other's differences, we are making significant strides in growing together as a company. Check out her works below!

As a company, we aim to lead by example by employing and working alongside young disabled artists so that we may encourage other companies to do the same. Our goal is to be all inclusive, not just when it comes to our products to treat acne, but to embody this idea as our core principle at Avarelle Cosmetics.

Check out her instagram page, @eunsongdraws