Find Confidence Beyond The Coverage

We believe in creating honest products while making skincare routine as simple as possible. With a constant desire to learn and grow, we continue to seek out natural ingredients that actually work. We want to provide people with the best, affordable patches so they can incorporate it in their daily use and regain their confidence through clearer skin.


At Avarelle Cosmetics, we firmly believe in equal opportunities.
As a small start up, we know that there are many challenges ahead of us, but we won’t let that stop us from prioritizing equity in the workplace.

Why Avarelle Was Created

“why not take it a step further and add essential oils that have acne healing benefits?”

There was a time when James Oh was frantically looking for products that were already out on the market for his beloved wife, who had long been battling acne. He recalls that she had always struggled with pimples and that only worsened as she became pregnant with their first child. Her fluctuating hormones had caused an intense acne flare up, affecting even her chest and back.

Having witnessed firsthand the decline of her confidence that even brought changes to her personality, he no longer wanted to sit passively and decided to set out on a journey to help his wife. He created what he wanted to see: a product that is all natural, simple and safe to use, even during pregnancy.

Given his science background, James had learned how helpful hydrocolloid bandages were in addressing open wounds. Using that insight, he had experimented with it by cutting a small piece of it and testing it on one of her pimples. He began to see that the very same ingredient had sped up the healing process and also protected the blemish while it was healing. He then thought, “why not take it a step further and add essential oils that have acne healing benefits?” and that’s how the Avarelle Acne Cover Patch was started. The rest of the story is ongoing. 

Cheers to clear skin!


What Makes Avarelle Acne Patches Unique?


Hydrocolloid Technology

At Avarelle, we wanted to create a specific hydrocolloid technology that was missing in the existing market. We found acne patches that were yellow, thick, and used non-vegan ingredients for their hydrocolloid production.



Vegan-friendly and Animal Cruelty-free is a must for us! Avarelle is proud is say that we are Vegan Certified via vegan.org.



 We want to lead by example by employing & working with young disabled artists to help them become a part of the workforce.  Please see the details in our "LIFT" page.